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Domingo Patricio, Domingo Patricio

Domingo PATRICIO (Spain) - flamenco flute

Domingo Patricio was born in Mataró (Barcelona) at the Year 1966. Music studies at the age of 11 in Conservatorio del Liceo, first studying Solpha and Classical Flute. Theree years later he met the well known Flute Player Salvador Gratacós and became his pupil. He performed his first concert as a flute solist with the Camera Orchestra of Barcelona's Liceum playing "ill Cardelino"(Antonio Vivaldi's Concert for Flute and Orchestra).

At the age of 18 he met Diego Cortés (Flamenco guitarist) with whom he formed a band called "Jaleo". He was an experienced musician that used to mix flamenco and other sorts of music. Due to the formation of the group he started to compose his first themes. They recorded two Cd's (Jaleo y Paraiso de Color) and went touring around Spain, Europe and the United States in places such as the "Paladium" (New York), "New Morning (Paris),"Palau de la Musica"(Barcelona). He participated in the recording of Pepe de Lucia, Alejandro Sanz , J.M.Canizares, Enrique Morente, Vicente Amigo and others.

Later on he joined "Sara Baras" Dance Company as the main flute player and composed for them themes such as "Sensaciones" y "Suenos". He worked in that company for three years touring all around the world. By then he met flamenco guitarist Rafael Cortés, and joined him in his Cd "Gitanos del agua". After the recording he joined his company in a tour around Germany. Domingo has been playing with guitarist Juan Manuel Cañizares, with whom they made tours and recordings. In the third of his recordings he took the tasks of composer and player and got the chance to play with Paco de Lucia, Enrique Morente, Don Alias and Mark Ledford (EMI). He worked with the American trumpetist and Singer Mark Ledford (Pat Metheny Group), being one of the members of the "Ultissimo" band. Among the other members we can find Will Calhoun (Living colors) Allen Hinds, Jim Anton and Melena Francis.

In 2004 he recorded his first Cd with Rafael Cortés, Carles Benavent (bass and mandola), David Huertas (percusions).