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Pierluca Pineroli, cajónPierluca PINEROLI (Spain) - percussion instruments, konnakol

Born in 1970, at the age of 9 he started his musical education at the conservatory of Madrid, initially studying piano, and then shifting to percussion. He interrupted his classical education due to his increasing interest for the improvisation and the drum kit, in which Pedro López guided him. He also studied and performed free improvised music. His interests in ethnic and flamenco music led him to play the cajón (box), African and Indian instruments, which he has been playing in several musical groups and recordings. In 1998, he was given a scholarship to study tabla, under the guidance of Sandesh Popatkar, as well as classical Hindustani singing in the P.K. Salve Academy of Fine Arts and Music in Nagpur (India). In 2002 he returned to India, where he studied with two great masters of the tabla; Pt. Suresh Talwalkar and Shesh Giri Hangal. In Bangalore he also studied the concepts of the Karnatic rhythmic system through Konnakol (the vocal recitation of the sounds of mridangam) with Giridhar Udupa and B.C. Manjunath. In the Netherlands, he is currently pursuing a master's degree in Karnatic music as well as recording and performing in the most varied musical contexts, such as classical-contemporary music, jazz and Hindustani classical music. He has performed in several countries in Europe, Asia and North America, such as Malaysia, Turkey, Poland and USA, to name a few.